Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Prom on a Budget: JCPenney

Hello, fashionistas!

It's time for three more totally adorable yet totally adorable prom dresses and accessories!

The second post in the Prom on a Budget series will include dresses from JCPenney.

Note: I am only posting dresses and shoes for this post. I couldn't find many prom-worthy accessories from JCPenney. Sorry about this! Just use your creativity, I'm sure you'll find something great to match! :)

Dress #1


$120 ($130 in Plus Sizes)
Sizes: 3-19; 1X-3X in Plus Sizes
Colors: Fuchsia/Leopard

I HEART THIS DRESS. It has two of my favorite things: PINK and leopard print!! The high-low hem is super trendy, and the leopard print is soooooo cute!


Sizes: 6-11
Colors: Fuchsia (as shown to match the dress) and Champagne

I don't know which I am more in love with, the dress or these shoes! 
Pink + Rhinestones = LOVE.

Total for Dress #1: $170 ($180 for Plus Size Dress)
This outfit is absolutely GORGEOUS. It's super trendy, too! Not to mention that it's super cheap!

Dress #2

Sizes: 1-15
Colors: Multi (Fuchsia/Turquoise)

This is such a cute print! It's kind of almost paint splattery, which is super adorable! The neon colors really make this dress pop!


Sizes: 5-11
Color: Silver

There shoes are really pretty! They would look great with this dress, as well as other dresses.

Total for Dress #2: $120
This outfit would definitely make you stand out at your prom. A great price for a great dress and shoes!

Dress #3

Sizes: 1-15
Color: Black

This dress is absolutely stunning. It is elegant with a touch of glam. Make sure to check out the link for this dress so you can see the back, which is even more beautiful than the front!


Sizes: 6-11
Color: Silver

These beautiful silver shoes look great with the dress!

Total for Dress #3: $79.00
This is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING deal! You get a gorgeous dress with matching shoes for under $100!!!

All three of these dresses are both gorgeous and affordable! These aren't the only great prom deals though. Check out www.jcpenney.com for even more amazing prom deals (some short prom-esque dresses are only $10-$20). 

Don't forget, use your own creativity and style when putting together your prom outfit! You don't want to look just like everyone else!

Til the next post!
- Brooke.

Sorry for Being MIA!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not posting in a while, I've been caught up on schoolwork. I'm free now, though (for a little while, at least).

This is going to be a short post, just showing y'all that I will still be writing/trying to make this blog grow!

I'm currently working on the second Prom on a Budget post, as well as a trend post. Also, should I start posting deals & such from stores (like Forever 21, VS/VS Pink, etc.)? Tell me in the comments! :)

New posts will be up as soon as they're finished!

- Brooke.

PS: I am IN LOVE with these shoes!!! ;)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Prom on a Budget: Deb Shops

Hello, fellow bargainistas!

Prom is a HUGE time in a girl's life, and while it is tons of fun, it is also quite expensive. Don't worry though, because The Teen Bargainista is here to help!

From now until prom time (April or May), I'll post weekly guides on how to look totally hot for prom without breaking the bank. In every post, I'll post three affordable (and adorable) dresses, along with matching shoes and accessories from all the hottest stores.

These will be long posts with LOTS of pictures!

This week, the dresses will be from Deb Shops.

Dress #1
Sizes: 3-13
Color: Turquoise

This dress is so pretty! The beading is gorgeous, and the animal-print underlay is absolutely adorable. This dress is similar to this Jovani dress, except the Jovani dress is $500, while the dress above is only $169!

Sizes: 6-11
Color: Silver

These shoes are so cute! The glitter and the braid really makes them perfect.


Since the bodice of the dress is sparkly, sparkly jewelry should be kept to a minimum. I also suggest not wearing a necklace, because it could add to the sparkles on top of the dress and make you look top-heavy. Long, sparkly earrings will do the trick for just the right amount of bling!

Colors: Silver, Black, Gold (silver would look best with the dress above)

This cute clutch matches the sparkles on the dress!

Total for Dress #1: $227.97
This is a great price, considering that you are getting a dress plus all of your accessories at a price that is lower than most prom dresses are! If you want more accessories, you could always go for a cute ring with a big sparkly gem!

Dress #2
Sizes: 3-13
Color: Black/White Pattern

This is such a cute dress. The pattern is edgy, while the beaded one-shoulder strap is glam.

Sizes: 5.5-10
Colors: Black and Dark Grey/Steel (with black matching the dress)

These shoes match the dress perfectly! The rhinestones will look great with the beaded strap on the dress.

Colors: Black and Gold (black matches the dress)

Like the shoes, the rhinestones on these earrings will match the beaded strap of the dress.

Color: Black

This wristlet is edginess with a touch of glam, just like the dress!

Total for Dress #2: $195.47
Another great total for a complete prom outfit!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome to The Teen Bargainista!

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to The Teen Bargainista, a cool new fashion blog for teens who love both fashion and bargains!  My name is Brooke, and I'll be running the blog. I love anything girly - shopping, clothes, shoes, make-up, sparkles, animal print, etc., and I also love getting cute things for cheap!

About once a month, I'll post a "Splurge Alert" post with a hot but a little more expensive item that's worth saving up for. Sometimes it's worth spending a little more on things that will go with everything.

Also, I'll occasionally post hauls after I go shopping! This is not to brag, but to show how you don't have to spend tons of money to get cute things. :)

Stay tuned for the "Prom on a Budget" post series. First post will be up either today or tomorrow!