Sunday, January 22, 2012

Prom on a Budget: Deb Shops

Hello, fellow bargainistas!

Prom is a HUGE time in a girl's life, and while it is tons of fun, it is also quite expensive. Don't worry though, because The Teen Bargainista is here to help!

From now until prom time (April or May), I'll post weekly guides on how to look totally hot for prom without breaking the bank. In every post, I'll post three affordable (and adorable) dresses, along with matching shoes and accessories from all the hottest stores.

These will be long posts with LOTS of pictures!

This week, the dresses will be from Deb Shops.

Dress #1
Sizes: 3-13
Color: Turquoise

This dress is so pretty! The beading is gorgeous, and the animal-print underlay is absolutely adorable. This dress is similar to this Jovani dress, except the Jovani dress is $500, while the dress above is only $169!

Sizes: 6-11
Color: Silver

These shoes are so cute! The glitter and the braid really makes them perfect.


Since the bodice of the dress is sparkly, sparkly jewelry should be kept to a minimum. I also suggest not wearing a necklace, because it could add to the sparkles on top of the dress and make you look top-heavy. Long, sparkly earrings will do the trick for just the right amount of bling!

Colors: Silver, Black, Gold (silver would look best with the dress above)

This cute clutch matches the sparkles on the dress!

Total for Dress #1: $227.97
This is a great price, considering that you are getting a dress plus all of your accessories at a price that is lower than most prom dresses are! If you want more accessories, you could always go for a cute ring with a big sparkly gem!

Dress #2
Sizes: 3-13
Color: Black/White Pattern

This is such a cute dress. The pattern is edgy, while the beaded one-shoulder strap is glam.

Sizes: 5.5-10
Colors: Black and Dark Grey/Steel (with black matching the dress)

These shoes match the dress perfectly! The rhinestones will look great with the beaded strap on the dress.

Colors: Black and Gold (black matches the dress)

Like the shoes, the rhinestones on these earrings will match the beaded strap of the dress.

Color: Black

This wristlet is edginess with a touch of glam, just like the dress!

Total for Dress #2: $195.47
Another great total for a complete prom outfit!

Dress #3
Sizes: 3-13; 14-24
Color: Multi

I am in love with this dress!!! And, it's only $39.99!! This is a great price on a great dress that can be used even after prom for parties, etc.

Sizes: 5.5-10
Colors: Fuchsia, Turquoise, Black (fuchsia matches the dress the best)

These shoes are TO DIE FOR! I think the color is amazing, and the feathers are super trendy. I think I'm in love! ;)

Color: Neon Pink

These trendy earrings will look great with the feather shoes!

Total for Dress #3: $94.94
WOW! An amazing prom dress, plus super-cute shoes and earrings for under $100
That's pretty amazing!
Check out as well as Deb Shops stores for even more stylish and affordable dresses, shoes, and accessories!

Remember that the dresses and accessories that I post are only suggestions. When shopping for your prom wear, keep your own style in mind, and never settle for a dress that you hate just because it’s a little cheaper than a dress that you’re in love with. Also, add some of your own style to your attire by picking out funky accessories!

On a budget but didn’t see a dress here that you like? Email me at with your name, budget, and colors/trends/etc. that you like and I’ll either email you back with some suggestions, or do a special blog post with dresses just for you!

The next Prom on a Budget Post will be up next week!

Love ya,
Brooke/The Teen Bargainista

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